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The Nezitiq Mute

The Nezitiq Mute is an Alternative / Underground Hip-Hop group comprising of Jesse Mechanic (Citizen Vein), Adam de la Cruz (Mage) and Edward Palacio (Hi-Q).

September 9th 2011: The Nezitiq Mute Live @ Asbury Lanes (Live Performance)

What a great night out! Download a 42 minute live recording here

Check out this cover of Portishead:

August 10th 2011: Snake Charmer (Remix)

Check the remix to Snake Charmer by BANGLADEAFY! Download

Audio preview below:

The Nezitiq Mute: Full Album
01. Gun or (How I learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bullets)
02. Praed ft. Angel Ortiz
03. Polystyrene
04. Life By Misadventure
05. Motta's Aphasia
06. Becoming Animal Interlude
07. Fw_Semicolon
08. Tsolton Mai
09. Real Meat ft. Angel Ortiz
10. The Diving Bell
11. Lime and Punishment Pursued Interlude
12. Decompression Sickness

All tracks produced by Adam de la Cruz except...
Tracks 6, 8, 11 produced by Hi-Q
Tracks 10 produced by Maticulous

Download the full album

Recorded by Adam de la Cruz at The Chamber in Brooklyn, New York
Mixed and Mastered by Randy Todaro

Check this video of the album release party:

Additional information: Twitter | Soundcloud | ReverbNation

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